About Us

About Us

Create a Smooth-Running Classroom and Find the Joy in Teaching

The Positive Classroom resources provide strategies and clear steps for elementary and preschool teachers to manage their classrooms with structure and caring. By focusing on clear procedures, a feeling of community, school success skills, and engaging lessons, all teachers can have a positive classroom. All children, even those with challenging behavior, can grow and learn in the positive classroom.

  • Designed specifically for young children
  • Improves student learning
  • Creates a learning community
  • Helps children with challenging behavior achieve success
  • Puts the joy back in teaching

All-in-One Method

The Positive Classroom Method provides 5 steps for classroom management success and powerful strategies for working with challenging behaviors.

  •  Are you a new teacher looking for simple and highly effective classroom management strategies?
  •  Are you a teacher struggling with challenging behaviors in your classroom?
  •  Are you looking for new ways to improve children’s self-regulation, focus, and success?




“I wish every teacher would read this book whether first year or almost retiring. Implement these procedures in your class and your life will change for the better; and your children will be happier.”  Diana Alvarez, Early Childhood Teacher

Muriel Rand is a Professor of Early Childhood Education, New Jersey City University where she teaches courses in classroom management, early literacy, developmental theory and research methods. She previous served as the Dean of the College of Education. Dr. Rand has been a preschool teacher, an early childhood music teacher, and a staff and curriculum development consultant to early childhood programs in urban public schools. She is also a prolific grant writer, specializing in funding from the U.S. Department of Education. She holds a Doctorate in Education and a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University. Her certifications include:

  • New Jersey Elementary School Teacher
  • New Jersey Nursery School Teacher
  • New Jersey School Social Worker
  • New Jersey Licensed Social Worker (LSW)
  • New Jersey Disaster Response Crisis Counselor (DRCC)

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