The Positive Preschool Book is Here!

The Positive Preschool Book is Here!

The Positive Preschool is now available on and will be coming to Kindle and bookstores soon!

This book is a new version of The Positive Classroom that focuses entirely on the unique issues, challenges, and joys of working with 3-5 year old children. Here’s the table of contents:

Part I: Prevention

  • Chapter 1: Setting the Stage
  • Chapter 2: Building a Classroom Community
  • Chapter 3: Teaching Classroom Success Skills
  • Chapter 4: Engaging Children in Learning
  • Chapter 5: Developing Cultural Competence

Part II: Positive Behavior Interventions

  • Chapter 6: Guiding Children’s Behavior
  • Chapter 7: Understanding Challenging Behavior
  • Chapter 8: Positive Behavior Support Planning
  • Chapter 9: Solving Common Behavior Challenges

Part III: Working with Others as a Professional Community

  • Chapter 10: Partnering with Families
  • Chapter 11: Collaborating in the Classroom
  • Chapter 12: Finding Joy in Teaching

The Positive Preschool also has all-new charming illustrations by Catherine Rand. I hope that this book will be helpful to new preschool and child care teachers who are starting out their career – or to any teacher of young children who could use some help in creating a more effective learning environment. Thank you to all my college students and blog readers who have given me suggestions and feedback along the way. As always, I’d love to hear what you think of the book and any questions or comments you have!