The Positive Classroom Method Online Training Course Content & Preview

The Positive Classroom Method Online Training Course Content & Preview

The yearly subscription includes access to the following videos as well as an electronic copy of The Positive Classroom Field Guide 2nd Edition

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Introduction to the Five Steps

Lesson 1: Teaching Classroom Procedures

Lesson 1.1 How to Teach Procedures

Lesson 1.2 Example of Teaching Procedures: Lining Up

Lesson 1.3 Example of Teaching Procedures: Morning Routine

Lesson 1.4 Example of Teaching Procedures: Voice Levels

Lesson 1.5 Example of Teaching Procedures: Using Trackers for Readers’ Workshop

Lesson 1.6 Using a Quiet Signal

Lesson 1.7 Managing Transitions – Free Preview

Lesson 1.8 Teaching Procedures with Anchor Charts

Lesson 1.9 When Children Don’t Follow Procedures

Lesson 2.0 Building Classroom Community

Lesson 2.1 The Only Three Rules You Need

Lesson 2.2 Start Off Right with a Morning Meeting – Free Preview

Lesson 2.3 Community Building Activities

Lesson 2.4 The Power of Positive Language

Lesson 3.0 School Success Skills

Lesson 3.1 Greetings and Manners

Lesson 3.2 Teaching Children How to Calm Down- Free Preview

Lesson 3.3 Teaching Conflict Resolution

Lesson 3.4 Teaching Skills for Group Work

Lesson 3.5 Teaching Kind Words

Lesson 3.6 Identifying, Labeling, and Expressing Feelings

Lesson 4.0 Engaging Learners

Lesson 4.1 Using Small Groups and Learning Centers

Lesson 4.2 Alternatives to Hand Raising: Turn and Talk – Free Preview

Lesson 4.3 Alternative to Hand Raising: Cold Calling

Lesson 4.4 Alternatives to Hand Raising: Individual Whiteboards

Lesson 4.5 Alternatives to Hand Raising: Choral Response

Lesson 4.6 Making Seatwork Successful

Lesson 4.7 The Importance of Preparation

Lesson 4.8 The Magic of One-on-One Conferencing

Lesson 5.0 Guiding Children’s Behavior

Lesson 5.1 Responding to Inappropriate Behavior

Lesson 5.2 Understanding the Acting Out Cycle – Free Preview

Lesson 5.3 Example of Responding to Challenging Behavior

Lesson 5.4 Using a Quiet Corner

Lesson 5.5 Setting Limits with Children

Lesson 5.6 Reducing Attention-Seeking Behavior

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