The Positive Classroom- Paperback

The Positive Classroom- Paperback


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Imagine a classroom in which children are deeply engrossed in learning, feel safe and cared for, and enjoy being in school. This essential classroom management text for new early childhood and elementary teachers provides practical strategies for setting up the learning environment, engaging children, and creating a positive classroom climate. Author Muriel Rand offers a multitude of hands-on, concrete techniques for working with young children from diverse backgrounds in all settings.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • PART I: Prevention
  • Chapter 1: Setting the Stage
  • Chapter 2: Building a Classroom Community
  • Chapter 3: Teaching Classroom Success Skills
  • Chapter 4: Engaging Children in Learning
  • Chapter 5: Developing Cultural Competence
  • PART II: Positive Behavior Interventions
  • Chapter 6: Guiding Children’s Behavior
  • Chapter 7: Understanding Challenging Behavior
  • Chapter 8: Positive Behavior Support Planning
  • Chapter 9: Solving Common Behavior Challenges
  • PART III: Working with Others as a Professional Community
  • Chapter 10: Partnering with Families
  • Chapter 11: Collaborating in the Classroom
  • Chapter 12: Finding the Joy in Teaching
  • References


This comprehensive and user-friendly guide offers new teachers a step-by-step process for helping children with challenging behaviors. The Positive Classroom presents the best hope for preventing burnout and finding joy in your teaching.


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