The Positive Classroom Field Guide (K-5) 2nd Edition- Paperback

The Positive Classroom Field Guide (K-5) 2nd Edition- Paperback


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The Positive Classroom Field Guide provides everything an elementary teacher needs for excellent classroom management. Based on The Positive Classroom Method, The Positive Classroom Field Guide provides hands-on lessons, activities, posters, teaching cards, templates, worksheets, and other resources to help you easily develop classroom management strategies. These resources will save hundreds of hours of work while helping you establish a positive classroom. The five sections of the book include:

1) Teaching Classroom Procedures

2) Building Classroom Community

3) Developing School Success Skills

4) Engaging Learners

5) Guiding Children’s Behavior

The five steps work together to create a complete classroom management system that is focused on helping K-5 children develop self-control, responsibility, and the necessary social and emotional skills to be successful in school.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Positive Classroom Method

Part 1: Teaching Classroom Procedures

How to Teach Procedures

Effective Transitions

Procedures Master List

Teaching Procedures Calendar

What to Do When Children Don’t Follow the Procedures

Daily Routine and Transitions Templates

Procedures for Learning Templates

Part 2: Building Classroom Community

Building Relationships

Developing Rules

Morning Meet and Greet

Monthly Community Building Activities

Part 3: Developing School Success Skills


School Success Skills Curriculum

Classroom Management Master Calendar

Part 4: Techniques for Engaging Learners

Engaging Learners

Planning Learning Centers

Making Seatwork Successful

Alternatives to Hand-Raising

Asking Engaging Questions

Being Prepared

Part 5: Guiding Behavior

Guiding Children’s Behavior

Responding to Student Behavior

Positive Teacher Language

Intervening in the Acting Out Cycle

Using a Quiet Corner

Calm Down Kit

Setting and Enforcing Limits

Reducing Attention-Seeking Behavior


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