My Favorite Classroom Management Videos

My Favorite Classroom Management Videos

This week I’ve begun working with my student interns who are just starting their journey into teaching. I’ve been reflecting on how I have learned new skills over the years and how difficult it is to try new things if we haven’t seen them before. Often new teachers draw on their own personal experiences as children, rather than adopting more effective strategies. The Internet, however, has made it so much easier to learn new ideas and see them in practice, rather than just read about them. So today I’ve put together a collection of my favorite classroom management videos. I hope you will enjoy them and pass them on!

Interactive Modeling – Sitting in a Meeting Circle:

Sign Language Hand Signals:

Precise Praise:

Morning Greetings:

Managing Interruptions: The Three B’s

Ask 3 Then Me:

Talking to a Partner:

Teaching Children to Manage their Anger and Frustration:

Please share in the comments the links to your own favorite videos!

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