Communicating with Children

Communicating with Children

  • The Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for a Positive Classroom

    The Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for a Positive Classroom

    Now that a new year has rolled around once again, it’s the perfect time of year to think about making resolutions in your classroom. Here is my list of the top ten habits to develop so that your classroom runs smoothly, there are fewer problem behaviors, the children learn more, and you find more joy in teaching:

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  • Read this,  OK?

    Read this, OK?

             I was reading my graduate students’ papers in which they described early childhood classroom observations that had done. One of my students noticed that the teacher ended her requests to the children with an “okay,” turning the statement into a question. Read More

  • Avoiding Shame

    Avoiding Shame

        As humans, we all need to learn how to live in social communities and we need to feel badly when we do things that are wrong and hurt others. However, there is a big difference between feeling guilty and feeling shame.     Guilt tells us that our actions were inappropriate. Read More

  • “Junk Food” Praise

    “Junk Food” Praise

         Giving children positive attention is extremely important and there are some tricks to making your comments more effective.  As teachers, we are busy and we have many children to pay attention to so it’s easy to slip into praising children with simple phrases like “good job,” “well done” or “I like your picture”. Read More