8 Excellent Activities for Building Community in Your Classroom

8 Excellent Activities for Building Community in Your Classroom

This week my college student Interns have been analyzing how their classrooms build a sense of community. This is important in helping children get their love and belongingness needs met and will prevent many behavior problems. One of the strategies is to help children get to know and develop positive relationships with each other. Here are some of the activities that they have been doing in their classrooms. Thanks to my Interns for these great ideas!

Pass the Ball

The game worked as follow: the children all sat down around the rug and with a ball. They passed it around first counting from 1 to 30 and then saying all the alphabet. Next they shared their name and favorite color. Then they were able to say their favorite food and what they like to do and something they like. It was funny how they looked at each other and chuckled when they had something in common. At the end of the game, they passed the ball to another child and said their name when they did. After that game the students began to feel more comfortable and loosen up a little bit with their classmates

Sonia Sanchez
Family Tree
The children were given the option to either draw or paste a picture of their family.The teachers will also make one to include. The pictures will be displayed once they are completed and we will create a family tree bulletin board in the classroom.
Pablo Rincon
Who Am I?
At the beginning of the school year the teacher handed out a piece of paper and asked the children to write some clues and adjective that describes themselves. At the end of the descriptions she told them to write the question “Who am I?” The assignment was a way to give the students the chance to get to know a little about each other.
Ada Salmeron:
Me Bags
The students made “ME” bags that they brought in the first official day of school. The bags were decorated and in them was an item or two that meant something to them. Each child came up and presented their bag to their peers and discussed what they brought and why. Some children made immediate connections because they brought in similar items like an iron man toy or pictures from when they were babies.
Maria Eliopoulos
Share the World
Since our class was so diverse, we decided it would be nice to find out what each child’s back ground was. Once we Loading… got a list of were each child was from we decided to get cut outs of their country and have them write three facts about their country. Once the children cut out their countries, colored it, and wrote their facts we hung them up on a huge poster of Earth and all of its countries on one of the walls. Next we took each child’s picture and taped a string from their picture to their country. By the time we finished it was amazing how diverse our class is. On top of our beautiful project we wrote “Share the world” in big bright letters. The children are really excited to show their parents our great project.
Nayade Ruiz
Rainbow of Friends
At the end of the first week, we made a big rainbow on white construction paper and had all the students sign it. We named it: “Rainbow of Friends.” By signing it, the students made a promise to say kind words, be respectful to the teachers and the children, and be friends and help each other. We hung it up where everyone can see it. Every time someone breaks a rule we remind the students of the promise and the importance of being a friend and helping each other.
Sonia Sanchez
All about Me Booklet
We created an “All about Me Booklet” which consisted of a photo of each child, a few sentences of what they like to do for Loading… fun, and pictures of what were their favorite foods, friend’s names, and games they like to play, even a picture drawn of them with their families. These have been hung up around the room.
Raquel Paredes
Name Rhythm
During the first day of my internship, I did a getting to know you activity with the students. We tapped on drumsticks and said their names with syllables. They learned my name and I tried to learn all of their names. The students really seemed to enjoy the activity and I Loading… enjoyed watching their glee as they waited their turn to introduce themselves in song
Wynta Tiller

What are some of your favorite getting-to-know-you activities? Please share your ideas in the comments section!


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